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2011 Developed and improved FCW for offshore plant and eco-friendly welding materials.
2010 Developed FCW that guarantees CTOD value at low temperature
2005 Constructed new Welding Research Institute building
2002 Developed and improved FCW for special steel pipe and heat-resistant steel welding.
2000 Developed high toughness FCW for offshore structures and PWHT welding.
1999 Developed FCW for low ferrite type stainless steel.
1997 Developed FCW for stainless steel and high speed fillet welding applications.
1996 Developed unbaked type FCW.
1995 Established Alloy Rods Korea research laboratory

Research Field

  • Development and improvement of welding materials
  • Development of new materials
  • Research into highly functional welding materials and technology
  • Development of production technology

Development Status

  • Ship-building
  • Offshore
  • Plant, petro-chemical use, construction and machinery
  • Joint collaborative studies with external institutes

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