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I would like to extend a sincere welcome to all customers who visit our homepage.

ESAB SeAH Corp.(ESC) has greatly contributed to the development of Korean welding industry by successfully localizing flux cored wire production (which in the past was highly dependent on imports) for the first time in Korea since its establishment in 1985.

Additionally, through continuous innovation, research and development, the excellence of our technology has been recognized across all areas of the industries such as the transport, offshore, shipbuilding and construction.

Furthermore, we recognized the importance of eco-friendly consumables ahead of our competitors. Since 2000, we have been committed to producing and developing welding materials with less fumes, and less spatter for the improvement of our customers’ working environment.

ESC will lead the global welding industry in the 21st century, as a total welding solution provider that seeks to ensure customers’ safety and happiness by supplying the best quality welding materials, as well as world-class welding solution in the future.

Thank you.

CEO, ESAB SeAH Corp. Yoo Deok-sang

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