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drives continuous quality
improvements and environment
friendly policies to provide world
class Quality and Services to our

ESC is improving its quality systems to provide total welding solutions with the aim of producing the world’s best quality products. We are recognized as a company utilizing excellent quality systems by benchmarking and introducing advanced technology through our joint-venture with ESAB, a global welding company.

Continuous Quality Improvement

ESC is determined to add value for its customers. To do this, we have implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system. We have further strengthened our market position by acquiring KS and JIS certificates.
Recently, we have acquired ASME QSC (Quality System Certificate for Nuclear Material Organizations), which is essential for the nuclear power plant field, and we have also had a successful KEPIC survey.
ESC was the first company to provide flux cored wire for the national nuclear industry in 1996. Thus, we have considerable expertise and a high degree of competitiveness in this field.

Quality Assurance

ESC firmly believes in quality, and enhances our employees’ expertise in their field through our systematic staff education program.
Additionally, our quality division operates independently from our production division to ensure our quality system operates effectively. We continuously improve quality through regular, detailed evaluations, and all staff are kept well-informed about the necessary requirements to improve quality.
Based on ERP, MES and PDM, which have already been set up, ESC will continue to introduce cutting edge systems. We will grow with our customers by using customer-focused business practices to become the leading company in welding industry as well as providing the best quality and reliability through aggressive investment for new technology.

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